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Merzouga Tours / Desert Tours / Group Tours from Marrakech

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Desert Tours in Merzouga

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Private Travel company


Rue Bani Marine Appt . N7, 2 etage

Medina , 40 000 Marrakech


Phone / WhatsApp:

Morocco +212 668 611 345

Portuguese +351 934 439 742


Marrakech Tours Trip

Address: Ksar Merzouga

52202 Merzouga

Phone +212668811560


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MARAKECH TOURS TRIPS team consist of private 4x4 and minibus drivers ,also guides who dominate different languages.

MARAKECH TOURS TRIPS specialize in tailored design private Morocco tours around the country. We adapt to the needs, tastes and budget of our travelers. MARAKECH TOURS TRIPS organizie routes for days, adventure travel 4x4, incentive trips.  MARAKECH TOURS TRIPS offer all kinds of travel adapted to everything that seeks to find our traveler.


MARAKECH TOURS TRIPS require for each reservation/booking 20% deposit to reserve your tour. Please contact us for Read More....

We accept following payment methods  for 20% deposit at this time:

  1. Paypal
  2. Western Union
  3. Bank transfer to Morocco

Booking policy

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